It’s really difficult to play good blues lines, but I love blues… I have been improvising this evening trying to play at least some decent blues, hope you like it!!
Gear used:
Fender Stratocaster Hot Rod 57
Marshall Amplification JMP1
Two notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Live
TC Electronic G-Major

Jam of the Month Nov.2017

Hola! He estado bastante liado los últimos meses pero esta vez no lo voy a dejar pasar, ahí va mi solo para este mes, espero que os guste!!

Hi guys!! I have been really busy last months but this time I’m not gonna let it go, here is my take for this month. Hope you like it!

Equipo usado/Gear used: Ibanez Guitars PGM500, Laney Amplification VH100R, Two notes Audio Engineering Torpedo, Live TC Electronic G-Major