Jam of the Month Nov.2017

Hola! He estado bastante liado los últimos meses pero esta vez no lo voy a dejar pasar, ahí va mi solo para este mes, espero que os guste!!

Hi guys!! I have been really busy last months but this time I’m not gonna let it go, here is my take for this month. Hope you like it!

Equipo usado/Gear used: Ibanez Guitars PGM500, Laney Amplification VH100R, Two notes Audio Engineering Torpedo, Live TC Electronic G-Major

Kiesel Solo Contest 2017

Hi!! I have recorded a new solo for the Kiesel Solo Contest 2017. It was a very inspiring backing track! I split the solo in two parts: the first part has a clean sound from the Ada mp-1 solid state channel, and the second part is an overdriven sound from a Marshall JMP-1. I split the signal with a Lehle Split, and there are delay and reverb from a TC Electronic G-Major. The last in the chain is a Two Notes Torpedo Live for power amp and cab/mic emulation. Hope you like it!😁😁

Jam of the Month June

Petrucci Style!! I’m sure there was a lot of people waiting for this backing track 😉 Well I was one of them, so I picked my Ibanez JPM and tried to play some pretrucci style melodies and techniques. Maybe a Petrucci in the 90’s more than nowadays, but was then when I started listening DT so it is my favourite period, playing and sounding. Ok. I hope you like it, sorry about the focus, I realized it was out after recording…