Kiesel Solo Contest 2017

Hi!! I have recorded a new solo for the Kiesel Solo Contest 2017. It was a very inspiring backing track! I split the solo in two parts: the first part has a clean sound from the Ada mp-1 solid state channel, and the second part is an overdriven sound from a Marshall JMP-1. I split the signal with a Lehle Split, and there are delay and reverb from a TC Electronic G-Major. The last in the chain is a Two Notes Torpedo Live for power amp and cab/mic emulation. Hope you like it!😁😁

Jam of the Month June

Petrucci Style!! I’m sure there was a lot of people waiting for this backing track 😉 Well I was one of them, so I picked my Ibanez JPM and tried to play some pretrucci style melodies and techniques. Maybe a Petrucci in the 90’s more than nowadays, but was then when I started listening DT so it is my favourite period, playing and sounding. Ok. I hope you like it, sorry about the focus, I realized it was out after recording…


11110514_972245506164817_4608592700757981942_oHi folks!! This is my personal site where I’m going to share my music, videos, photos, collaborations, thoughts, etc… It is also my intention to centralize all my social media channels. You can also check some stuff about my equipment, biography, when and why I decided to play guitar and a very cool section called “Guitar Contests”, where I’ll try to collect the most interesting guitar contests and competitions worldwide. So… check it out and Let’s Rock!!!