I was born in the early 80’s in Córdoba, Spain, and I started playing a 12 strings instrument called Spanish laúd at the age of 8 at school. My father also played this instrument when he was young and thought it was a good idea. But it was at the age of 11 when I was tired to emulate my favourite rock players in my laud’s short fretboard, and I became really interested in playing the guitar. By that time my main guitar heroes were Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, John Norum, Satriani… and they were my inspiration for non stop picking. I desired an electric guitar more than anything in the world, but the closest that I had was a just arrived acoustic guitar that was a present to my sister. So I got borrowed that guitar and started my self taught learning. It was cool for some months but the sound from that acoustic guitar wasn’t what I was looking for… I played several electric guitars from my friends, and that was what I wanted. Every time I had an electric guitar in my hands it was mind blowing, so many cool things to do!  So I started saving money for an electric guitar, which took me more than one year. Actually I finally needed the help from my grandmother for buying my first electric guitar, and my father bought me a cheap but effective amplifier. I was 14 then, and that day was the beginning of my madness!